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Student Services, Financial Aid, and Other Supports

student services financial aid supports

Success in college requires more than academic skills. Our researchers study nonacademic factors that influence success as well as student support services such as counseling, success courses, and online registration and advising systems. We also study the effects of student employment and financial aid on student outcomes.

Financial Aid, Tuition, and Student Employment

How do financial aid, merit scholarships, and employment affect student experiences and outcomes?

Student Engagement and Relationships

What are the nonacademic skills, behaviors, and experiences that contribute to college persistence and completion? CCRC studies the nonacademic aspects of the student experience—such as student engagement and relationships with peers and instructors—that are vital to academic success.

Student Success Courses, Counseling, and Student Services

CCRC studies counseling, advising, student success courses, and other services that aim to help students complete college and embark on careers.

Online Planning, Advising, and Tracking Systems

Community colleges are increasingly employing online technologies to streamline and improve registration, academic planning, and advising. CCRC examines the extent to which students use these technologies and how they can be designed to maximize their usefulness.

Featured Publication

This practitioner packet summarizes the research on nonacademic student supports and suggests ways to implement a system of nonacademic supports that will have more sustained impacts on student success.