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Scaling Guided Pathways Reforms in Ohio

September 2016–October 2021

This project builds on ongoing efforts by the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC), the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), and the state’s 23 community and technical colleges to create guided pathways for students to postsecondary credentials and careers in fields of economic importance to the state of Ohio.

CCRC will provide applied research and strategic technical assistance designed to accelerate implementation and enhance the impact of guided pathways reforms in the Buckeye State. The lessons learned in Ohio will be turned into briefs, tools, and other guidance materials for the growing number of colleges nationally that are seeking to implement guided pathways.

CCRC’s knowledge development work in Ohio will include six main activities:

  1. Documenting progress on guided pathways implementation
  2. Identifying effective change management strategies
  3. Measuring impact
  4. Participating in technical assistance activities
  5. Advising on state policy
  6. Producing and disseminating practitioner guidance and tools

This project is funded by Ascendium Education Group.