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Guided Pathways: What and How To Educational Series

September 2020–July 2023

CCRC estimates that more than 340 community colleges across the country are undertaking large-scale guided pathways reforms as part of formal statewide or national initiatives, while many other colleges are attempting to implement guided pathways practices on their own. Many of these colleges have expressed a desire for additional guidance and more practical, easy-to-digest instructional materials to help them plan and implement guided pathways reforms. To support their efforts, CCRC is developing a set of resources called Guided Pathways: What and How To, which include:

  1. Guided pathways workshop curricula and materials based on CCRC research on topics critical to implementing guided pathways. The curricula will be designed for national technical assistance providers, state agencies, and colleges to use in training and professional development for college practitioners and will be made freely available on CCRC’s website.
  2. Guided pathways summer data institutes designed for institutional researchers and guided pathways reform leaders that are seeking to use data and research to support implementation of pathways reforms. The first institute will be designed for colleges that are just beginning their guided pathways work and are not currently part of existing guided pathways networks, especially rural colleges. The second institute will focus on colleges further along in guided pathways that are looking for data and programmatic support.

This project is funded by Ascendium Education Group.

Project Lead

Davis Jenkins