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Due to the spread of COVID-19, CCRC's spring presentation schedule has changed. We will continue to publish updates related to conferences—including potential livestreams—here.

Title Date Conference Presenter
Making Sense of Developmental Education Reform: What Does the Evidence Tell Us, and What Does It Mean for Practice? 11/12/20 Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM) Conference Thomas Brock, Nikki Edgecombe, Alexander K. Mayer, Donna Linderman, Valerie Lundy-Wagner
The Dual Enrollment Playbook: New Research Findings to Advance Equity 10/26/20 Connect 2020: The NACEP Digital Forum John Fink, Gelsey Mehl, Juanita Morrow, Maria Christina Monroe
Looking at Transfer Through an Equity Lens and from a Student Perspective 10/14/20 Belk Center Research-to-Practice Transfer Series Xueli Wang, John Fink, Pamela Eddy, Melinda Anderson, Eric Fotheringham
Building Momentum: Using Guided Pathways to Redesign the Student Experience 10/05/20 Center for Community College Student Engagement Building Momentum Webinar Linda García, Davis Jenkins, Leigh Goodson
The Transfer Landscape 09/22/20 Inside Higher Ed Webinar Series: Can We Finally Fix Transfer? John Fink, Marty J. Alvarado
Evaluation of a Multiple Measures Placement System Using Data Analytics 08/17/20 Strong Start to Finish August 2020 Webinar Elisabeth A. Barnett, Elizabeth Kopko
What Does the Research Say About Effective Placement? 07/29/20 Maryland Placement Policies Community of Practice Virtual Kickoff Meeting Elisabeth A. Barnett
Promoting Equity in Corequisite Courses Delivered Online 07/15/20 Dana Center Corequisite Webinars for Higher Ed Mathematics Faculty Nikki Edgecombe
Assessing and Advancing Equity through Guided Pathways 07/15/20 Pathways Collaborative Equity Partners Fund Webinar Series John Fink, Maggie P. Fay, Hana Lahr, Davis Jenkins
Automation, Training, and the Middle Class 06/18/20 Webinar: The Brookings Institution Future of the Middle Class Initiative Marcus Casey, Riley Acton, Lauren Pellegrino, Scott Ralls
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