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Jessica Brathwaite, Senior Research Associate

Jessica Brathwaite conducts qualitative and quantitative research on system and statewide developmental education and ESL reform, postsecondary achievement gaps, and students' transition to college.

Brathwaite holds a PhD in sociology from Temple University. She holds a BA in sociology from CUNY Hunter College and an MA in sociology from Temple University. Her dissertation focuses on New York City high schools during former Mayor Bloomberg's administration and asks: How has inequality between schools in socioeconomic status, racial composition, and graduation rates changed during this reform era? Brathwaite has taught sociology of organizations at CUNY Hunter College and a research methods course in the graduate program in international affairs at The New School.

Brathwaite’s primary research interests include urban school reform, inequality, education policy, and postsecondary access and success. She is also interested in exploring race and class as they relate to her primary research interests.