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Improving Community College Institutional Performance

improving community college institutional performance

CCRC works with major initiatives—such as Achieving the Dream and Completion by Design—that aim to improve student outcomes by helping colleges use data to implement significant institutional changes. CCRC also studies system-wide reform models, including performance funding, to identify practices that increase student success across colleges.

Cost and Efficiency

CCRC researchers conduct analyses to understand the economic implications of the community college completion agenda and develop tools for measuring college costs and for examining revenue implications of policies aimed at improving outcomes.

Improving Institutional Performance Overview

What are the major institutional changes that might contribute to improved community college performance?

Building a Culture of Evidence: Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream is a nationwide initiative in which more than 150 community colleges seek to improve student success by using data to inform institutional change. CCRC provided assistance to the initiative, helped to evaluate its effects, and conducted research on the “culture of evidence” model employed by the participating colleges.

Measuring Community College Completion Rates

The current method of measuring community college performance—calculating the percentage of first-time, full-time students who attain a credential in three or four years—excludes outcomes for many community college students. How should community college completion be defined and measured in order to convey a meaningful picture of institutional performance?

Performance Funding

Policymakers have increasingly sought to generate better results from higher education institutions through performance funding, which involves tying funding to institutional performance on specified indicators. CCRC examines performance funding policies and their impacts in a multitude of states.

Practices of High-Performing Colleges

Increasing student success requires effective management at an institutional level. What characteristics and practices distinguish high-performing colleges and institutions?

Using Data to Improve Student Success and Institutional Performance

CCRC has written a number of papers aimed at helping institutional researchers and others analyze data to develop a clear understanding of student progress and institutional performance.