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College to Career and Workforce Education

college to career and workforce education

Preparing students for the workforce is a central mission of community colleges. We study the role of community colleges in the U.S. economy and their effectiveness in preparing students for the labor market.

Career–Technical Education Programs and Pedagogy

What does good career–technical education look like in the classroom? CCRC studies workforce training programs and classroom practices that integrate vocational and academic skill development.

Workforce Development at the Community College

A central community college mission is to prepare students for the workforce. How well do colleges fulfill this mission, and what policies and practices can help them achieve it more effectively?

Labor Market Returns for Community College Credentials

What is the economic value of a community college credential, and how do employers perceive students who hold these credentials? CCRC conducts analyses of the economic benefits of a community college education.

Noncredit Workforce Education

Community colleges offer noncredit education programs for workers looking to develop skills in particular fields. Increasingly, employers are asking colleges to develop customized programs that train workers for particular positions. Our research examines this trend and its benefits for workers, businesses, and communities.