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CCRC in the News

MARCH 05, 2020

Rural Colleges More Nimble in Scaling Up Pathways

This Community College Daily story highlights the guided pathways work underway at several rural colleges across the country. 

FEBRUARY 18, 2020

Michael Bloomberg Unveils "Progressive" Higher Education Plan

CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins spoke to the Hechinger Report about Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recently released education plan. The proposal, which Jenkins referred to as "more progressive than many of the candidates in the race," calls for free community college and an increase in Pell grants, among other provisions. 

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Making Headway on ESL

CCRC's Jessica Braithwaite and Julia Raufman met with several community college academic vice presidents to describe the center's findings on English language learners. This Inside Higher Ed piece details how doing so helped push the conversation forward.

JANUARY 22, 2020

Fixes for Short-Term Pell

In this Inside Higher Ed essay, CCRC Research Affiliate Jim Jacobs describes three potential unintended consequences of allowing students to apply Pell funds to short-term training programs.

JANUARY 21, 2020

Post-Secondary Funding Changes

CCRC Research Affiliate Kevin Dougherty spoke to CBC radio about performance funding for higher education in Alberta, Canada. Based on his research, Dougherty described some of the benefits, disadvantages, and unintended impacts of such a model.

JANUARY 21, 2020

Rethinking Remedial Education: New Study Shows College Students Did Better in ‘Corequisite’ Courses Built Around Extra Instruction and Support

This story from The 74 summarizes CCRC's November 2019 working paper on the causal effects of system-wide corequisite reform. CCRC's Florence Ran described her findings, which indicate that corequisite remediation effectively improves gateway course outcomes. 

JANUARY 13, 2020

Florida Colleges Meet Developmental Ed Challenge

In this Community College Daily story, CCRC's Nikki Edgecombe discusses the effects of a 2013 Florida law that overhauled developmental education. She emphasized that research has helped shed light on what students are capable of and underscored the need for interventions to work in tandem. 

JANUARY 07, 2020

New Numbers Show More Colleges Using High School Grades, Not Just Standardized Tests, to Determine if Students Require Remedial Coursework

This LA School Report story describes results from CAPR's November landscape study, which found that the share of public colleges that use multiple measures for math assessment and placement jumped by 30 percentage points between 2011 and 2016.

DECEMBER 16, 2019

As More Colleges Experiment With Online Remediation, Some Students Flourish While Many Others Fall Behind

In this Chalkbeat story, CCRC’s Nikki Edgecombe and Maggie Fay discuss the potential for computer-based developmental education courses, as well as the types of students who tend to struggle in them.

DECEMBER 15, 2019

New Numbers Show More Colleges Using High School Grades, Not Just Standardized Tests, to Determine If Students Require Remedial Coursework

This article from The 74 summarizes CAPR’s landscape study, which takes stock of the developmental education offerings at community colleges across the country.